Small Business IT - DONE.

We help Small Businesses thrive with top-tier Cybersecurity, Device Management, and expert Tech Support backed by Microsoft 365.

“32Waves will be the last IT service provider that our office will ever need; they understand how critical technology is to a small business like ours and, since becoming our sole provider, 32Waves has made us more efficient and effective.”

Brad Wright
Wright Legal Services

Sites, Users & Devices

Computers, phones, printers, software, network, servers... Oh my! Organize it all and gain clarity, so you can invest where it matters. 

Truly Modern Cybersecurity

The days of installing an antivirus and calling it good are over. But don't fret, we bring a turnkey, complete solution to the table. 

Get & Stay Connected

Every office needs reliable networking & WiFi. We provide it as part of your Assist membership, monitored and managed 24/7.

24/7/365 Help

Assist technicians are available to help solve technical problems all day, every day. So work anytime you want, we got you.

Learn & Educate

We provide over 193 courses covering topics like Quickbooks & Microsoft Office to workplace etiquette & regulatory training.

Expert Advice & Guidance

Once a quarter, we come to your office and help evaluate how to improve and where you should invest to see greater results.

Happy Local Assist Members

How to Get Started

New Member setup goes a little something like this.

Let's Get Moving!

Get Started

Fill out our onboarding form by clicking on the button below. We'll gather the early details we need to size you up and you'll get a clear estimate on how much to budget for your new Assist membership.

Meet & Greet

We'll assign you an IT Manager and setup some face to face time to further get to know each other. We'll also gather any further details we need to begin onboarding your team.

All Aboard!

Once we have all the details, staff will receive an onboarding email inviting them to their new Assist IT portal where they can grab our Device App's and install them on their company devices.

Training & Evaluation

We'll schedule a time to come by your office and visit with your team. We'll go over any questions, tie up any loose ends and make sure everyone knows how to reach us.

Go to Work

We'll get to work solving any immediate needs, creating an action plan for the future, and schedule your next quarterly tech review while you get back to doing what you do best.

Our Promise

All 32Waves products are offered without contracts or term commitments. Additionally, all our services have a perpetual 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on service quality. If you're not happy at any time, we'll refund your final month and assist you in finding a replacement solution at no charge. If you have any questions about our Guarantees or our refund policies, contact us at

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You need Assist if:

✓  you're tired of repeat problems.

✓  you want to be protected from cyber threats.

✓  you need internet & WiFi to be reliable and fast.

✓  you wish tech were better organized, more cost-transparent, and consistently improved.

Small Business IT