Enterprise Level Broadband

    Whether direct fiber or SkyFiber Wireless, our internet is low latency, low jitter, fully symmetrical and locally supported. We offer only two packages, providing your business of any size more speed than you’ll ever need.


      Managed Local Networks

      We’re experts in all connections, from our public Internet to your private internal network and wifi. Never worry about buying hardware, keeping up to date, or staying secure again. We’ll cover it all, from replacing equipment when new technology arrives, to monitoring quality and reliability every second of every day. All for a simple, predictable flat rate monthly cost.

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      SkyFiber Internet

      Fiber backed wireless delivery guarantees low latency and high-quality public internet access for your business. All our towers are built on top of multiple carrier fibers ranging from Centurylink IQ Enterprise Fiber, Level3 Wavelength Services and Unite Private Networks.

      32Waves SkyFiber is the only place to buy top of the line connectivity without contract commitments or sacrificing affordability.

      50 Mbps Internet$99month
      • Fully Symmetrical (50/50)
      • UltraLow Latency
      • Dynamic IP (CGNAT)
      • No Contract
      • 24/7 Support
      • $99 Install
      100 Mbps Internet$149month
      • Fully Symmetrical (100/100)
      • UltraLow Latency
      • Static Public IP
      • No Contract
      • 24/7 Support
      • $149 Install
      As part of creating SkyFiber, we’ve built strong relationships with nearly every major fiber carrier in the Grand Valley. We can install and service a dedicated fiber line to your business, capable of delivering several Gigabits of broadband at prices unavailable anywhere else.

      Direct Fiber services require contract term commitments and typically cost more than $500 monthly. Contact us today if this is something you’re looking for.

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      Managed Local Networks

      Tremendous Value

      Managed Network clients can get Skyfiber service at a discount. A small office of 5 employees can have the fastest internet in the valley, gigabit wifi in the office and 24/7 expert management of it all for under $199 a month.

      Never Buy Hardware Again

      Forget about routers, network switches, wifi access points and security devices. Our Managed Network service comes with everything you need and when new technology is released, your office is scheduled for upgrades at no extra charge. Never worry if your business is up to date again.

      Less Hassle, No Less Capable

      All of our Managed Networks are built with all the features needed in today's business world. From multiple gigabit wifi networks, to secure firewalls, Mutli-WAN, VPN, VLANs, NAT/DMZ, QOS, DPI and so much more. 32Waves Managed Networks comes with it all.

      24/7 Network Monitoring

      32Waves monitors every Managed Network 24/7. We're constantly tweaking, updating and maintaining your equipment to better suit your business needs. 32Waves is by your side every step of the way as your business evolves and grows.

      $15 /User

      Per Month (min. 5 Users)

      Every Managed Local Network comes with the same 32Waves guarantees:

      • 24/7 Local Support
      • Revolving 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
      • No Long Term Commitments

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      End-to-End Connection Solutions

      The 32Waves Promise

      Of course, we want to build a profitable business, but it should never be at the expense of our customers, neighbors, and friends. That’s why we never require long-term contracts that lock you in and support our promise of superior service by guaranteeing your money back every month you’re with us. That’s right, we don’t just give you the first 30 days, at any point in time if you cancel due to dissatisfaction, we’ll refund any money you paid us up to 30 days before your cancellation date.

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