Downtown, Connected.

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Free Wifi Now Available

Get out of the office. Grab a coffee, a bagel or a nice sandwich and enjoy the amenities of downtown while staying connected to the things that matter.

Social Responsibility

We believe that a local business should do more for its community. Imagine if every local company devoted their talent and resources to their communities more often. How much could we get done? How quickly could we do it with the right experts managing the solutions?

Evolutionary WiFi

We see software. Everywhere. When we build a network we want to install hardware that can change and adapt, all with a simple software update. Intelligence and thoughtful design, from the beginning.

Let's Do More

We call the Main Street project a "Pilot". Why? Because nothing is ever just done. We want to learn how we all use this new feature of Downtown and change it over time to bring wanted features and value.

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